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(online) brand strategist at Yeps


Personal project

Promotional material and redesign and development website Regiorally 2019

Call 9-1-1!

Do you suffer from boredom, are you dehydrated and do you have a vitamin deficiency? Do not panic! A challenging route, a blasting party and a delicious breakfast are the cure!

November 9, Regiorally is your one and only lifesaver! With blazing sirens we are going to make it an awesome evening again! Will you be there?

Internship project

Redesign and development website Huid & Zo

A soft and friendly, yet professional website for a local beauty salon. With a lo of professions there is a lot of information to provide. As the owner of the solon likes to provide his own texts, this website is designed to be as easy to maintain as possible.

Internship project

Redesign and development website Maljaars Mediation

Creating a website for a well-appreciated mediator in Rotterdam. My first real project during my internship and already a big challenge: how do I make these large amounts of text inviting to read?

Internship project

Redesign and development website All-Round Dakwerken

How do you ensure that a website that is well optimized for SEO also gets as many visitors as possible to contact you? Together with a SEO specialist I designed, developed and optimized a converting website.

Personal project

Promotional material Regiorally 2017

Beer in your right hand, shag in your left and a tramp stamp on your back. Are you ready for the Regiorally 2017 Trailer Trash edition? Attach your trailer behind your car because this year you can participate with your own home!

Educational project

Corporate identity for children’s television channel

Children’s television channels are becoming increasingly less educational. I wanted to provide young children with the access to knowledge via this new channel.

Educational project

Design and prototyping for recipe app

When you wake up at night and are craving something nice, but don’t want to eat yet another cracker, this application is for you. It provides you with special yet very easy recipes you can create in the middle of the night.

Personal project

Promotional material Regiorally 2016

The financial crisis is far from over and this is noticeable with one company after another that is taxing out. Schoenenreus, V&D and even the Mitra could not stay afloat. We also have a hard time, but we won’t bend that quickly.

Participate November 12 and stay ahead of all creditors in the RACE against the RED numbers!