I’m Sebastiaan Smit, a student, webdesigner and front-end developer based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Something about me

I love web, app and online communication as a whole. Communication is constantly changing, especially online. As a web developer that makes my heart beat faster.
After all, I am very interested in trying new things.

I myself have a positive attitude, a good empathy and I like to be involved with other people. In my spare time I like to create both online and offline designs.

What about right now?

I’m currently looking for a six-month graduation project beginning in September.

But what can I do then?

I specialize in web design and front-end development (I design websites, build them and make sure they are optimized for conversion and for search engines).

What I am looking for is the opportunity to create an online precence for a company. By doing this I want to increase the brand awareness and the number of followers.

I want to do this by creating a personalized website with custom design. This includes designing and developing the website, coordinating and, if necessary, producing visual and textual content as well as search engine optimization. I will also provide a strategy for all online activities such as blog posts and setting up social media.