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Krop en Kool

Design, development an optimization

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Design website and webshop

Coordination content

Development website and webshop

Conversion optimization

Search engine optimization


Krop en Kool is a new catering company that organizes parties and events in a sustainable manner and with healthy (barbecued!) vegetables. In times of COVID-19 though, it is difficult for a catering company such as Krop and Kool to keep stay afloat. Partys and meetings were no longer permitted and larger events were not allowed at all. It is then quite a challenge to earn money without catering at these events. For this reason, the owner of Krop and Kool decided to start delivering to people’s homes as well. His previous website was not designed for this new job, so the sales were not as high as they could have been.

The goal of this new website is to convert as good as possible. The webshop would have a much larger role within the catering company and the website. It was up to me to design and organize this.

In addition to the simple way of contacting Krop and Kool for the catering of a private party or business event, I also ensured that the webshop was accessible and inviting. Ordering healthy and sustainable meals had to be inviting and easy.